Textsheet Alternative in 2020 – What Happened to Textsheet?

A lot of websites offer homework-related help to students worldwide. Through such sites, you can easily finish your homework or assignment. By using these sites, you’ll never have to shift from one book to another for finding answers for your assignment. 

Moreover, there were a lot of such sites available for students. However, Textsheet was the most prominent one among all the other websites. The majority of students relied on Textsheet for their homework and assignment needs.

On top of that, Textsheet never charged a single penny to help students with their assignments and homework. Instead, Textsheet was absolutely free to use. However, one bad morning, Textsheet came to an end.

Textsheet – Everything You Need To Know 

Textsheet is one of the extremely popular websites among students. A lot of students used Textsheet to get answers for their homework or assignment questions and complete it on time. This site provides you with solutions to problems based on any subject.

Moreover, the website also leverages the data from another website to provide you most accurate answers. The site was getting great traffic that shows almost a million students were using this website. Moreover, some students relied entirely on Textsheet for their homework. 

However, one day, the website Textsheet suddenly stopped working and was not accessible. Till the date, it did not come online again. The chances are also less for its return as well. That’s why students can no more take advantage of this legendary website.

Features Of Textsheet

Textsheet had a plethora of features that made it the most prominent homework solution for students. Here’s why students loved this website a lot: 

  • This website was designed specifically for students to get solution for their homework and assignment textbook questions 
  • The website provided an easy to use interface for the students that made it straightforward for students to use the website 
  • The website was entirely free to use so the students do not have to pay a single penny to get any type of study material 

How The Website Went Down? 

The website leverages information from other websites in order to provide homework answers to students. Moreover, some people say that the website was encouraging students to cheat on their homework and assignments. Therefore, the Textsheet was gaining bad respect in the market.

After such claims continued to increase, the popular student site had to be closed. This happened because of copyright violations. After that day, the site has been discontinued permanently and there is no chance of it getting back.

Moreover, there are not even any official announcement from the website owners regarding the status of the website. Furthermore, after the website was shut down, a lot of students lost their only source of homework and assignments. That’s why students were disappointed about this as well. 

Is There Anything You Can Do? 

Since the website is gone forever, there’s no point in crying over spilled milk. Therefore, as a student, you can use any other alternative of Textsheet to get help in your homework or assignment. Talking about the alternates, there are thousands of sites that serve the same purpose.

Therefore, all you need to do is find a good alternate and start using it. Moreover, the majority of the alternates are free of cost too. So, you will not have to even consider the paid options available for such a purpose. 

Top Textsheet Alternative In 2020

Here is a rundown of top Textsheet alternatives that you can use in 2020. With these alternates, you will never have to worry about your homework after Textsheet takedown. Therefore, let us not take any more time and hop in the list right away: 

1. Studylib

When you visit the studylib website, the first thing that comes to your mind is the complexity of this website. Even though the user interface of this website is great, there are a lot of things going on this website that may boggle your head. 

The best thing about studylib is that it is distant from other websites of the same genre. This website promotes efficient learning a lot more than just copying. Therefore, this website provides a feature known as flashcard explorer. 

With this feature, you can get access to a lot of categories in subjects such as maths, business, science, technology, engineering, foreign language, and a lot more of other popular subjects. You can easily find your preferred subject from the list as well.

Not only this, but the community of studylib is also one of the largest communities related to studies and education. Therefore, being a student, you have access to a large number of worksheets, lesson plans, labs, and even free of cost study material.

On top of that, you have all the liberty to read all those things online, download them, and even get them printed for free. You also get the option to upload your own documents to help fellow students and explore a wide array of subjects and categories.

You can even create your own collection of flashcards with this website. Through this, you can add audios and images in your flashcard and share them with all your friends and classmates. All this made studylib a really cool and fun place to hang out.

However, to get full access to all the documents, you need to register an account on the website. The account registration is absolutely free and straightforward. Apart from all the features mentioned above, studylib also provides a spell and grammar checker to ensure correctness. 

With all these features, studylib aims to home the skills of students and make them excel in their educational career. Therefore, you can surely use studylib as a great alternative of your beloved od friend Textsheet.

2. Course Hero 

As the name suggests, the course hero is yet another prominent website to get your homework related issues solved. It is indeed a hero for the students who are dying in the burden of excessive homework.

The course hero features around 30 million different resources for learning and study. On this website, you can find everything related to your academic careers such as literature titles, guides, class notes, videos, documents, and even textbook answers. 

This website covers all the subjects regardless of your academic goals. Therefore, you can get the resources mentioned above for all subjects including accounting, literature, history, biology, psychology, and all the other subjects as well. 

Moreover, it is a great website to prepare for your next class test too. For instance, let’s say you have an upcoming literature exam and you want to know what is your preparation as well as progress in that particular subject.

Therefore, to check this, you can practice problems for absolutely free on this website and know your expertise in a particular subject. Hence, the course hero is a great platform to prepare for your exams as well.

On top of that, the most prominent feature of this website is the 24/7 homework help. With this feature, you can seek answers for your homework questions at any instance of time. This feature also provides you personal guidance from the experts of the subject and scholars. 

The website course hero provides two options to help you get started. You can either opt-in for the free account where you get the liberty to downloading and uploading documents, referring to a number of study materials, and a lot more.

Otherwise, you can even opt for a premium account in which you need to purchase a membership. The membership will cost you around $9.95 and with this membership, you can get access to the documents instantly without the need of uploading your own documents.

Lastly, all the resources and study materials are the aftereffects of the contributions from the members of the community. Moreover, they are checked by the course hero team before made available. Therefore, you can always get a quality assurance on the study materials. 

3. SparkNotes

When it comes to subjects like literature, maths, science, and biology, nothing can beat the competency of SparkNotes. It is one of the most prominent resources for resources related to the subjects. 

The website provides lesson notes as well as summaries that are really easy to understand. Unlike complex textbooks, the information available on this website is very easy and simple to understand. Therefore, you can grasp everything within a short frame of time.

Furthermore, the website also provides tests to help you asses your skills and knowledge on a specific topic and let you know where you belong in a particular subject. You can even prepare for competitive exams with the help of this website. 

The website has plenty of content for various exams such as AP, SAT, and ACT. Lastly, it is a great website to get resources and study material related to literature. The website also involves a companion app that you can download from the Google play store.

4. Slader 

Slader is growing popular within the territory of the United States. This website is growing popular among college students to gain answers to the questions in their textbook. The website provides a stepwise explanation and solution for all your academic questions.

This app also provides a companion app for smartphones that support the Android operating system. The app lets you access everything available on the website quickly. Hence, finding the relevant data with respect to your subject is easier, faster, and better.

To search for resources for a particular boom, you can either enter the name of the book in the search box or you can enter the unique ISBN, which is a thirteen-digit number. This will yield the answers to the questions available in a specific textbook.

Once your desired book is available on the list, all you need to do is click on it and the answers will be available in front of you on the screen. The best thing is, you don’t even have to pay a single penny for any answers. 

The database of Slader is extremely wide. The platform provides resources, study materials, and answers for a variety of advanced subjects like upper-level math, social science, high school math, English, foreign language, and even literature.

Furthermore, the interface provided by this platform is very user friendly and easy to use. Therefore, you will not find any problem in navigating through the site or finding answers to the questions available in your assignment. 

Although you can use Slader for free of cost, you will likely encounter some advertisements on the website. This might annoy you a little and to solve this problem, you can opt-in for their premium plan that costs just $1.99 a month.

5. Chegg 

There is hardly any student who does not remembers the name Chegg. This is the same company that is responsible for the takedown of the website Textsheet. Chegg is officially an educational technology company in the united states of America. 

The majority of the data available on Textsheet was gained through Chegg. Therefore, Chegg filed a legal copyright claim against the Textsheet and took it down permanently. Hence, Chegg can be really helpful in terms of your study in comparison to the Textsheet.  

With Chegg, you can get access to the finest resources over the internet. Moreover, you can also get stepwise solutions for your questions and prepare for all your competitive exams in one place with the availability of experts the whole day for your help. 

With Chegg, you can also rent or purchase a book or eBook at a discounted price from the market. Moreover, you can also earn money by selling or renting the old textbooks that you don’t use anymore on Chegg. 

To buy or rent a book, you just need the ISBN of the book. Just enter the ISBN in the search box and a quote will be available to you right away. After that, just provide the billing details and pay for the book to get access to it. 

Chegg also provides the availability of online tutors at a very competitive price. You can get a tutor for any subject and study from the experts. Moreover, Chegg provides a free 7-day trial so you can check their services before actually going for a paid plan on this website.  

Overall, Chegg provides the most prominent as well as reliable services that you can count on. Furthermore, the rates for the services provided by Chegg are nominal and worth the price mentioned. Also, don’t forget to try their free android application as well. 

6. Paper Help 

Unlike other websites and Textsheet, paper help is quite different and their services are distant from the rest. In easy words, paper help is more of a service that offers custom paper writing for a small fee. 

This comes in handy when you are in school or college. If you are wasting most of your time on these papers and believe your time is worth other productive things then paper help can be a boon for you. 

It doesn’t matter what you are studying. Even if you are a student of rocket science and looking for a paper writing service, then paper help can do it all for you. Paper help can help you with any subject regardless of its complexity or availability.

Opting for a paper writing service on paper help is very easy. You just need to mention your task, enter the required details, and get the estimated price for your work. Moreover, they also provide a money-back guarantee to help you avail refund in case you don’t like the work.

Furthermore, paper help also provides all-day-long customer support. By this, you can seek help at any given instant of time on the platform. If you want to get more details about more of their services then you can visit their official homepage for the details.

7. Crazy For Study 

Crazy for Study is a specialized platform designed for specific academic help. The sole motive of this platform is to help students in their academic careers. That’s why this website provides you free access to over 50 million books with the answers to all their questions.

Moreover, this website not only provides academic help for course-related curriculum but also provides topic-specific materials for a wide range of subjects like engineering, accounting, science, and a lot more.

The website is specifically prevalent for students from Australia. Therefore, if you are a student from Australia, you can get access to the books followed by most of the universities in Australia. To do this, you just need to select your respective college names from the list available on the website.

Therefore, it is extremely easy to dig out information from this website for your studies. Hence, if you are a student in Australia then you need nothing else except this website for all your academic purposes. 

Bottom Line 

Being a student can be extremely hectic especially when you are surrounded by a lot of homework. However, these websites are always readily available to save the day. Therefore, forget Textsheet and use the alternates mentioned to excel in your academic career. That’s all we have for today.