What Happened To PrimeWire? Best PrimeWire Alternatives In 2020

PrimeWire was a go-to site when it came to streaming movies in, strictly speaking, not a legal way. And as is with streaming sites, they tend to rise and fall. PrimeWire for a long time seemed immune to all the copyright claims, DDoS attacks, and domain name takedowns that streaming websites are generally victims of (I know I know, these are all fancy names for problems a website faces).

History Of PrimeWire

PrimeWire was originally known as LetMeWatchThis. As LetMeWatchThis got famous, a lot of copycat sites started popping up. The situation got so bad for the website that its owner decided to dumb the domain altogether and settled on 1Channel.

As 1Channel grew in popularity, it saw almost millions of users per day. With that came a lot of targets on its back. In May 2013, 1Channel.ch disappeared guiding its user to its old domain of LetMeWatchThis. It was later revealed by an admin of the site that the website was apparently hijacked by someone using a security flaw in 1Channel’s registrar’s control panel.

As the admins tried to keep the official site up, several of its domains were hijacked and the operator eventually landed on PrimeWire. 

Downfall Of PrimeWire

For 5 years, it seemed PrimeWire wasn’t going anywhere as it amassed millions of users. There were no significant changes made to the site. The most trouble it seemed to face was a few ISP blockades. However, in late May, the website’s DNS records were switched to EuroDNS, rendering the site unreachable. Around this site, the backup domain of PrimeWire was also, it seems, hijacked. New content had stopped flowing and all the existing links were changed to advertisements.

After a few days, the original domain did come online but it was nothing more than an Ad riddled mess. All of its links, like the backup site, too linked to advertisements.

In the wake of what’s described by many as ‘a mess’, many copycat websites popped up to fill in the hole left by PrimeWire. With so many websites, where do you go to watch your shows? In this article, I will tell you of the 3 options that I give to people who are looking to pirates some media.

  • Streaming Sites
  • Torrent
  • Popcorn Time
  • Telegram

Before we dive into this,  I recommend you install an Ad Blocker to improve your experience on these websites as most of the Pirating websites are riddled with pop-up ads.

1. Streaming Sites

Just like PrimeWire, these are online portals of content where you can stream shows and movies. These sites should be preferred by people who watch movies online once in a while as their reliability can not be guaranteed. I’ve listed some of the good ones. It should be noted that many of these websites are blocked by ISPs in some countries so accessing them might require a VPN.0

Yes! Movies

Yesmovies is more than yet another online streaming site because it elevates the streaming experience to another level with its polished design and unique features. Of course, its main allure is the fact that it offers a wide array of movies and TV shows without asking anything in return. How is that possible? Well, the site doesn’t exactly concern itself with copyright.


Vumoo is quite different in terms of the interface but it is a good platform to watch TV Series and movies online without signup. It’s not slow as we generally see in streaming sites. Though its catalog is up-to-date, the links on its Homepage aren’t updated often so you should use the search bar to find what you’re looking for.


Cmovies is a brilliant choice to watch movies and TV series. It is very similar to Fmovies in terms of features. It supports filters in search to find your movies/show of choice. As a bonus, it also boasts all the movies rated as top by IMDb. In addition to that, it supports content from multiple countries which means that Bollywood fans, rejoice! The best thing about Cmovies’ layout you’ll find, or shall I say not find, are misleading download and sign up buttons like other streaming websites.

123 Movies

123Movie is one of those sites that seems to be replacing PrimeWire. 123Movies as a modern design, huge catalog, excellent media player that supports keyboard shortcuts. It has multiple mirrors for 1 file to mitigate downtime as well. While the people behind 123Movie understand that people hate Ads, they do want them to understand that Ads are how their site remains open. Without Ad, they might just have to resort to Cryptojacking and I think I speak for everyone when I say that we ain’t having none of that!


PutLockers is another awesome movie website like Primewire. For three reasons I strongly recommend this site. First, it has a huge database that can compare with other Primewire alternatives. Second, PutLockers has a very friendly interface which gives you the sense with a kind of clear thinking. Third, there are no annoying ads so that you can stream movies smoothly.

Solar Movies

I’m optimistic about the future development of Solar Movies as this site has consistently provided free HD movies for its users and has been in this industry for some time. Solar Movies provides a request facility which means if you can’t find the movie you would like to watch, you can turn to it for help.

That is all for streaming sites. There are too many websites that do little more than serving advertisements and what I’ve listed are some of the most stable websites I found during my research.

2. Torrent

I’ve always recommended torrent to anyone who’s asked me how they can watch movies. Torrent websites are very different from streaming websites, as with torrents, the files are not held on a server; or should I say 1 server.
A torrent file simply contains the metadata info of files. The files themselves are stored on a user’s PC and distributed through, what’s known as a Peer-to-Peer network. This increases the security and reliability of the files. It is important to use trusted sites for downloading torrents as this can get a bit tricky.

Before we get to the websites, I should tell you how to use torrents in case you’re new to this world. To use torrents, you will need a torrent client. One of the most famous ones is BitTorrent so we’ll go with it.

Here’s How To Set Up BitTorrent:

Step 1: Download the setup through the links below for your respected OS

Windows Mac

Step 2: Open the setup and try not to press ‘Next’ liberally because you might just end up installing adware. After you accept the terms and conditions, you will get ‘Optional Offers’. Hit ‘Deny’.

Step 3:  Press ‘Next’ on the page for Install options.

Step 4: Make sure the configuration matches this image.

(Disable 2nd option)

Step 5: Wait for the installation to complete and hit ‘Finish’.

Ok. Now that we’ve got ourselves a Torrent Client, let’s discuss the websites where you can find Torrents.

(If you need help downloading torrents, you will find a step-by-step guide at the end of the list of Torrent websites.)

Name Of Websites


Rarbg has been around forever (Just kidding, its been around since 2008). It is one of the most trusted websites when it comes to torrents. You can find just about every TV Series and Movie in there and its search filters make finding your desired show just that much easier. You can search through IMDb titles as well. It has one of the most extensive catalogs and serves torrents in different qualities for 1 program. The way it’s all categorized is also very helpful.


1337x is also a very old website. Torrent websites have always been a target for governments. While there are many torrent websites that come back after being taken down, many lose their database of torrents. 1337x has retained it and hence has one of the largest databases of all the torrent websites. Add to that, its ease of navigation and minimal ads, it is one of the best choices to find torrents.


YTS, formerly known as Yify, is one of the best websites when you are looking to download a movie. It has a huge collection and its content quality is the most consistent as it only provides BluRay prints at a low size. BluRay files are generally large enough to warrant 2 discs despite one of them holding 25 GB of data. This should give you some context as to how good the quality would be. YTS counts among some of the most trusted websites for Movies.


EZTV is a website only for TV Series. Its collection is also among one of the largest and is famed for providing small-sized files with consistently good quality. Episodes are generally available here within a half-hour of them being released.

So that about covers up the best torrent websites. I should tell you how to use them as well. The general idea is the same. You either download a torrent file(size within KBs) or you use a magnet link. 

I will guide you on how to download from RARBG and YIFY starting from the former which should be enough to help your way around other Torrent websites as well.

How To Download Using Torrent:


Step 1: Open the website. (Click here)

Step 2: If you’re looking for something in particular, use the search bar or if you’re looking for what’s new just refer to the carousel on top.

For our purposes, we’re gonna find something. How about Taylor Swift’s new documentary?

As you can see, there are many links with details on their size on the right. Let’s download the one on the top. (The links are sorted on the terms of their popularity and downloads.)

Step 3: On opening the link you’ll see a lot of details. There are screenshots from the file as well to give you an idea about the quality of the content. Most of the content on RARBG is already subtitled so you needn’t worry about that as well.

Step 4: Above the thumbnail, you’ll see, there’s this hyperlinked text with a magnet on the right.

Clicking on the magnet icon will simply load the torrent into your torrent client.

Pro Tip: a magnet link on any torrent website is represented by a magnet. Always prefer this as it prevents an extra step of opening a downloaded file.

Step 5: On clicking the magnet, this confirmation box can appear if you’re using it for the first time.

Click on ‘Open BitTorrent’

Step 6: Your torrent client will open up with this box.

Choose your download directory and select ‘OK’.

Step 7: That’s it. Download started. Just wait for it to finish and locate in your download directory after done to enjoy the content.


Step 1: Open the website. (Click here)

Step 2: If you’re looking for something in particular, use the search bar or if you’re looking for what’s new and trending just refer to their showcase.

Step 3: And again, we’re gonna find something. Let’s go with a classic this time. Godfather?

Step 4: Select the movie you want to download.

As you can see there are 2 qualities available. YTS only offers torrent file and no magnet link so we will be downloading a torrent now. (1080p is generally double in size of 720p)

Step 5: Click on the desired quality to download. We’ll be downloading 1080p.

Step 6: After the Torrent file has been downloaded, open it.

Step 7: On opening the file, again, you’ll see the same box as the one we saw in step 6 of the earlier section. Select your download directory and hit ‘Ok’.

Step 8: That’s it. Download started. Just wait for it to finish and locate in your download directory after done to enjoy the content.

If you see low speeds on downloads on torrent, don’t worry. Sometimes gaining speed on torrents take time as the way it works is a bit different.

We’re done with torrents as well now. I’m sure you must have noticed 1 limitation to torrents. You can’t watch the content before having downloaded it. While there are torrent clients including BitTorrent that allow you to stream content as they’re downloading, this feature is often a part of a paid feature.

Now that we’re done with the streaming websites and Torrent websites, let’s talk about Popcorn Time. 

3. Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is the best of both worlds. The reliability of torrents and ease of use of streaming websites. It is an application that is available on all platforms. Initially released in 2014, Popcorn Time quickly gained a lot of users as its ease of use attracted the tech-savvy and non-tech savvy alike. It offers TV Shows, Movies and Anime as well.
Don’t download the Popcorn Time app from an unverified source. There are a lot of copycat apps out there that are potentially harmful to your device. There are 2 official links:

  1. Popcorntime.sh
  2. Popcorntime.app (This is a backup domain for the former)

Now Let’s Get You Started On How To Use Popcorn Time:

Step 1: On opening the page, you’ll see the download option on top. Click on it to start the download.

You will be taken to a page and download will start automatically.

Step 2: After the download is complete, open the app to install.

Step 3: Make these choices:-

Next -> I agree -> Install ->Wait -> Finish

The application will open up.

Step 4: If you’re looking for something in particular, use the search bar or if you’re looking for what’s new and trending just refer to their showcase.
Let’s not use the search this time and watch ‘Ford v Ferrari’.

Step 5: Click on the title you want to watch.

Choose the quality you want to stream this ‘torrent’ at. (If you hover at the resolution, you will see the size of the files.)

You can also download the movie by hitting the magnet icon to the right side which will open up your torrent client.

Step 6: Click Watch Now to start streaming. After the initial buffering, your content will start playing. 

Popcorn time offers a lot of advanced options as well. You can connect to your TvTime account and alike to keep track of all the things you watch. You can connect to your OpenSubtitles account to download subtitles. On top of that, it also supports Local Streaming. 

4. Telegram

Yup. Telegram. Who would have thought, right? Telegram is a messaging application that comes with end-to-end encryption. What this means is that no one outside its user base can actually see what’s being shared which means the content pretty much stays there once it’s uploaded. Its cloud structure and liberal file size limits have made it a perfect place for people to share shows and movies. Being available on mobile platforms makes it perfect for consuming content on Android and iOS. All you have to do to watch shows on telegram is:

Step 1: Install the Application

    1. App Store for iOS
    2. Play Store for Android

Step 2: Sign up using your mobile number. (Relax, it is completely safe.)

Step 3:  Now search the name of the show that you want to watch. 

There should already be a channel or group where the particular show has been uploaded. Since telegram is a relatively new application, the chances of finding old content are low. But the good thing about telegram you’ll find is that people are willing to help. If you request a show/movie in a group, chances are that someone will upload and send it to you. 

Step 4: Once you find or get the content you are looking for, just hit the arrow facing downwards. 

That’s the download button. It’s the same for both iOS and Android.

There are different ways of uploading content on Telegram. So, depending on the way someone has posted the file, you can get an option for directly streaming the content as well. Telegram has recently updated its app to support streaming 1 video in different qualities which has reduced the need for uploading multiple files with different sizes and qualities for the same episode/movie.

Step 5: Once the download’s done, you can play the video. 

You can use telegram’s internal player to watch the videos, or you can use an external player like VLC/MX Player.

Telegram doesn’t by default save videos to your gallery, but it does offer that option if you’re interested in that sort of thing.

Those Other Guys

Now that we’ve got the 4 ways to stream content out of the way, let’s talk about those other guys we haven’t talked about yet. 

All the streaming sites and torrenting sites, ultimately do harm the artists who make the content. Streaming sites like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu might cost some money, but they do exist on the right side of the law. Every time we stream content on their platform, the original artists of that content makes money from it. Not to mention, that the experience they offer is drastically better than the one offered by pirating websites. 

Streaming was, after all, only an exotic concept before Netflix and YouTube came along. It has been said that streaming safely means streaming legally, and to be honest, I couldn’t agree more.

I hope I have covered everything and you aren’t reading what I’m writing here because that means that the above methods didn’t work. Either that or you’re just reading this to make me feel better. In that case, thank you. Now go on; binge watch that show you’ve been wanting to.