20 Games Like Corruption Of Champions Worth Your Time!

Corruption of champions is a browser-based flash game with erotic elements in it. The plot of the game is set up in some village where because of an ancient traditional ritual every champion has to fight demons and evil forces in order to protect their village. The players are sent to an unknown dimension i.e. the cursed Demon Realm with the help of a portal so that they can fight evil or they can even join forces with the demons and get your in-game character corrupted. 

The game starts as you create your character with all its traits. This in-depth creation of your character also affects your gameplay which is why you should pay a little attention to it as you start the game. Although, most traits and perks can be changed as you level up in the game, however,  the initial characteristics and traits are fixed throughout the game. 

Perks are the different bonuses that you get as you level up in the game. As you create your character at the beginning of the game you get the history perk and the starter perk. All the extra perks that you get in the game can be attained as you trigger certain in-game events. 

A “Bad ending” is another aspect of the game that is when you transform your character in such a way that it is impossible for you to do any in-game quest with the character. In order to avoid such conditions, players have “Easy mode” or “Debug mode” as they play the game. 

There are basically 3 types of character-types that you can found in the game:

  • Persistent Character
    Characters that have an indirect influence on your in-game player. All their choice and steps are going to affect the main character in a certain manner. 
  • Camp Recruits
    These are the random in-game characters that you can easily recruit to your in-game camps. As your character interacts with these virtual-characters in the game, there is a special menu that allows you to make different interactions with these players that includes item collection, sexual interactions, events that will affect your stat points, and special scenes that only trigger with certain characters. 
  • Encounter Characters
    These are the random character that you interact with as you play the game. These characters are random and often unarmed which is why there are fewer chances of multiple interactions. 

Besides all this, there are various items that are an integral part of the game as they have special effects on the player’s physical and magical prowesses. You get transformative items, consumables, weapons, armor, clothing, and other key items that you can collect as you play the game and level up. 

Rendered unchartered by the power of land’s magic, you start the game in the distorted world of Mareth. The player can easily travel within a certain location quite easily however, it is quite difficult to travel between places as you need to find a portal to do so. In order to find a travel portal, you need to explore all the locations within a map. 

There are different locations with different landscapes in the game which is why random encounters are really common in the game. You get forests, deepwoods, lakes, deserts, mountains, plains, swamps, and bogs. Along with these different and versatile landscapes, you have a bizarre bazaar, lake boat, cathedral, farm, owca, town ruins, salon, and Tel’Adre that you can explore as you play the game.

Since there are not many games like Corruptions of Champions with an action-erotic theme, here is a list of 20 similar games that you can enjoy as you play them. 

  • Kingdom Of Loathing 

This game is similar to Corruptions of Champions in terms of plot and background, the only thing you miss is the erotic elements that were there in COC. Although, this is a really good and interactive text-based flash game that you can enjoy on your browser. The graphics that you find in this game might remind you of the popular Stickman game as well. 

You start the game in a typical way as you create your in-game character with the limited number of options that you have. You choose the gender of the character along with its role in the game from the six options that are there on the screen i.e. 

  • Turtle Tamer
  •  Seal Clubber
  •  Thief
  • The Pastamaker
  • Accordion
  • Sauceror

 You start the game as soon as you enter the name of your character. 

This game is quite comical as you get several comic elements in the game. You control your player with the help of text-based instructions. You get to loot a lot of stuff, fight several monsters, and level up your character as you end the game. With a similar text-based approach this game is just like Corruption of Champions. 

  • Flexible Survival 

By Nuku Velente, Flexible Survival is a game that is just like Corruptions of Champions. With this game, you get a great alternative to COC as you play a typical text-based flash game. 

The gameplay depicts a scene of destruction that is caused due to the outbreak of a deadly virus and all its after-effects are also showcased in the game. Just like Corruptions of Champions you get frequent roleplay and combat situations as you start the game with the customization of your character. Unlike COC you also get to choose the other world in this game making it quite interesting. As the central character in the game, you need to keep yourself safe until the armed forces are there to rescue you. Similar to Corruptions of Champions there are several sexual elements in the game. 

  • Trails Of Tainted Space

Developed by Fenexo and team that designed Corruptions of Champions, Trails of Tainted Space is the second most popular text-based game after COC. The game is also popular for its erotic and sexual elements. You get more customizing options for the character that any other game on this list. 

You enter the game as you explore the map, find and unlock new characters, and begin your in-game adventure. The plot revolves around the life of the main character that inherited a ship left by his father as he set out to obtain more power and wealth. As the main character, you get to interact and have sexual interactions with other characters. 

The main agenda of the gameplay is to keep a balance between erotic and fantasy stuff that you get in the game. All these features make this game one of the best alternatives to Corruptions of Champions. 

  • Torn

With thousands of active players, you have Torn. In this game, you start your new life as you shape up your life by the choice that you make. You can start your Car Company or you can be a Mafia head of your state. There are limitless possibilities with this game. 

Before you start the game, make sure that you are ready to invest a lot of your time and effort in this game.

You start with this game by creating your free account so that you can play this game on multiple devices. 

  • Free Cities

With an unknown developer, you have Free Cities a game that is based on “Slavery” with extreme sexual elements just like Corruptions of Champions. The game works around the basic elements of slavery that are selling, buying, and training of the slaves that are there in the game. Since you start the game as a slave merchant you get the absolute power over your slaves. You get several sexual options with all your slaves as well. 

On the downside, there are several bugs in the game and there is no option to customize your character which is really disappointing to some of the users. However, the developers tried to compensate for this with the graphics and slave fetish in the game. 

  • InstLife

Lastly, you have InstLIfe a unique text-based game in which you develop your character right from the beginning. You make all the life choices that are responsible for the development of your character as the game progresses. Since there are minimal graphics in this game you get to enjoy a lot of other options that are not there in some other games. 

Since the game is free, the UI is a little choppy along with some errors with the translations. 

  • The Poor Whore

In order to play this game, you need to download this on your Windows device first. This is what makes this text-based game different from all other games that are there in this list. Similar to all other games, you get to interact with other characters of the game as you explore the map.

 Another different thing about this game is that you get an essential FPP aspect that is not there in most of the games. Moreover, the graphics and extra features that you get in this game are not that exceptional but several other components of the game make it appealing to the users.
The main motto of your character in this game is to get hired in a brothel house. Similar to all other games on this list you get character customization options as well. 

  • Gift Of Phallius 2: The Key To Eternity

The second part of the game Gift of Phallius: The Key to Eternity is a game similar to Corruptions of Champions. In order to play this browser-based game, you need to download the text-only version or the multimedia necessary to the game. 

This incredible erotic RPG starts as you play the role of a 14-year old princess. You get limited character customization options and the storyline revolves around the sexual interaction between your character and a guard. Making this game is a really good alternative to Corruption of Champions.

  • Fall Of Eden

Based on supernatural themes and demons you get another erotic fantasy game from the makers of Corruptions of Champions, Fall of Eden. As the game begins, the main character of the game explores an abandoned house and accidentally discovers a portal between the earth and the demon world. 

As you travel to the demon land, the queen there tries to seduce you but as you play the game you will find out that you need to interact with the goddess queen Aria in order to survive and finish the game. As you get lost in the garden of Eden, you explore the location in order to find another portal so that can get back to earth. 

You get a lot of interactive stuff as you play the game along with massive exploration options. As you start the game you get the option to customize the main character that you can change as you play the game. 

  • Lilith’s Throne

This is a game quite similar to Corruption of Champions in which you get erotic scenes and text-based RPG gameplay. In this game, you fight with demons, get magical powers, upgrade your armor and magical powers, and have sexual encounters with other characters.
With its awesome graphics, you are definitely going to love this game if you are a fan of erotic fantasy games. 

  • Cypher: Cyberpunk Adventures

Another impressive text-based RPG game that you will surely enjoy. With excellent graphics and soundtracks, you will absolutely love the game. However, unlike Corruption of Champions, you get a game that focuses more on text-based adventure rather than erotic elements. 

The location of the game is based in NeoSushi City, this is a place that you can explore as you play the game. You will interactive stuff like talking elevators and capsule hotels as you play this really awesome game. 

  • Spider And Web

Created in 1998, Spider and Web is an engaging adventure thriller that you will enjoy. The story revolves around your character that has been kidnapped while doing his spy business. You get to learn about the situation that you are in as you play the game. 

Although, the dialogue option of this game is pretty normal you are definitely going to enjoy the storyline and plot twists that you will discover as you make progress in the game. 

  • Carnal Souls

A popular and most played alternative to Corruption of Champions. With Carnal Souls, you get a text-based RPG game with a lot of sexual elements. You get to create your in-game character as you can customize every single aspect of its appearance. In addition to that, you get to select the combat style of your character along with all the sexy stuff that you can add to your character. 

You get an amazing storyline and you level up in the game as you proceed with the research in the game. You get to level up in the game as you have to option of seducing the demons that you encounter and continue your game in that direction. 

There are two modes of this game that are available on its official website. You can either download the demo version or the complete alpha version. Since you get turn-based gameplay you get one of the highly engaging RPG games that are there in the market. The game is compatible with the browser as well. 

  • Fallen London 

One of the most action-packed and fun text-based games that you can found on the internet. With its impressive soundtracks and graphics, you are definitely going to love this fantastic game. 

You get to choose the basic stats of your character that include watchful, dangerous, shadowy, and persuasive. You get to improve these stats as you make progress in the game. 

You get several options as you proceed in the game allowing you to discover more about your character in the game. All this thrill and adventure make this game one heck of an alternate to Corruption of Champions. 

  • Anchorhead

This is a game known for its compatibility with all the major OSs. The game revolves around the elements of horror and fantasy. You start the game in the dark dimension with your main mission to stop some of the historical events that will take place as you explore the game.
Being the hero in this game you will surely enjoy protecting the peace of the universe.

The Dreamhold

This is a game that is designed specifically for players that are new to text-based adventure games. You get easy and short gameplay that allows you to get familiar with text-based RPGs. 
On the other hand, if you disable the tutorial voice you can increase the difficulty of the game so that you can enjoy the game like a seasoned player. In order to increase the difficulty of the game to the maximum level you just have to type “EXPERT” to enter the beast mode of the game with extremely hard puzzles. 

  • Zork

One of the most popular text-based game that is there in the market. With its immersive storyline and text recognition technology, this game is quite popular among text-based gamers to this date. 

The game is basically divided into three parts allowing you to customize the amount of help you get from the game as well. This way you get to enjoy the game according to your personal level of difficulty. This game is a really good initial point for all those trying to learn and enjoy text-based fantasy games. 

  • King Of Dragon Pass

This is an immersive game with fantasy and RPG elements. You can download this game on your android device. You get several graphical elements in the game making it a really interactive and visually immersive game. 

As you play the game you collect goods and trade all that with others in order to upgrade your powers or to get gold. You begin your long text-based quest as you slay monsters and fight demons. 

The only downside to this game is that you have to pay 9.99$ to play the premium version of the game. 

  • My Very Own Lith 

In order to play this game, all you need is a flash player and as this is a computer-based game there is no need for you to download bulky download files. This is an impressive browser-based game that offers the players a sense of seamless adventure. This game is an alternative to Corruption of Champion with versatile graphics and visuals. You get tons of options with the Lith as you play the game. Lith is the main character of the game that is a shy cat with some basic needs and wants to make a new friend. With all this, you discover all the secrets of Lith as you play the game. 

  • Night House

A text-based horror game that you will enjoy if you like mystical and supernatural elements in your game. The storyline depicts the night where you play the role of the main character of a teenage boy. As you get up one night to use the washroom you discover that your parents are missing and the storyline takes a really sharp turn from thereon.

You will enjoy the chilling soundtracks this game has to offer if you are looking for something new. 


In conclusion, if you are looking for something similar to Corruption of Champions these are the best text-based games that you will find online. You can enjoy some of these games online while some are also available for offline download as well. So turn your gaming laptops ON and start playing these amazing games.